buraun eboni H 600mm
product code: hbc-d12p

timber lumipost

This series of lumipost uses the unique Takasho Ever Art Wood material. Blending with nature yet still striking a modern stance with its glass encased globe. Made in Japan. 

H 750mm x W 70mm x D 70mm
H 600mm x W 70mm x D 70mm
H 450mm x W 70mm x D 70mm

LED Module 4.5W
total luminous flux: 191lm
warm white - all models

Available Colours
H 750mm
daaku pain - hbc-d05p
burakku eboni - hbc-d05e
buraun eboni - hbc-d05b

H 600mm
daaku pain - hbc-d12p
burakku eboni - hbc-d12p
buraun eboni - hbc-d12p

H 450mm
daaku pain - hbc-d04p
burakku eboni - hbc-d04e
buraun eboni - hbc-d04b

Takasho Ever Art Wood polymer wrap over aluminium. Acrylic light housing.

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